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  File: acl_ea.h

  (extended attribute representation of access control lists)

  (C) 2002 Andreas Gruenbacher, <a.gruenbacher@computer.org>

#define ACL_EA_ACCESS         "system.posix_acl_access"
#define ACL_EA_DEFAULT        "system.posix_acl_default"

#define ACL_EA_VERSION        0x0002

typedef struct {
      u_int16_t   e_tag;
      u_int16_t   e_perm;
      u_int32_t   e_id;
} acl_ea_entry;

typedef struct {
      u_int32_t   a_version;
      acl_ea_entry      a_entries[0];
} acl_ea_header;

static inline size_t acl_ea_size(int count)
      return sizeof(acl_ea_header) + count * sizeof(acl_ea_entry);

static inline int acl_ea_count(size_t size)
      if (size < sizeof(acl_ea_header))
            return -1;
      size -= sizeof(acl_ea_header);
      if (size % sizeof(acl_ea_entry))
            return -1;
      return size / sizeof(acl_ea_entry);

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