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remotefs file system
See the file AUTHORS for copyright information.
This program can be distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.
See the file LICENSE.

#include <string.h>

#include "config.h"
#include "command.h"

const char* describe_command(const uint32_t cmd)
      switch (cmd)
      /* rfs internal commands */
      case cmd_auth:                          return "auth";
      case cmd_request_salt:                  return "request salt";
      case cmd_closeconnection:               return "closeconnection";
      case cmd_changepath:                    return "changepath";
      case cmd_keepalive:                     return "keepalive";
      case cmd_getexportopts:                 return "getexportopts";
      case cmd_setsocktimeout:                return "setsocktimeout";
      case cmd_setsockbuffer:                 return "setsockbuffer";
      case cmd_enablessl:                     return "enablessl";
      case cmd_listexports:                   return "listexports";
      /* fs commands */
      case cmd_readdir:                       return "readdir";
      case cmd_getattr:                       return "getattr";
      case cmd_mknod:                         return "mknod";
      case cmd_open:                          return "open";
      case cmd_release:                       return "release";
      case cmd_truncate:                      return "truncate";
      case cmd_read:                          return "read";
      case cmd_write:                         return "write";
      case cmd_mkdir:                         return "mkdir";
      case cmd_unlink:                        return "unlink";
      case cmd_rmdir:                         return "rmdir";
      case cmd_rename:                        return "rename";
      case cmd_utime:                         return "utime";
      case cmd_statfs:                        return "statfs";
      case cmd_chmod:                         return "chmod";
      case cmd_chown:                         return "chown";
      case cmd_lock:                          return "lock";
      case cmd_symlink:                       return "symlink";
      case cmd_link:                          return "link";
      case cmd_readlink:                      return "readlink";
      /* ACL */
      case cmd_setxattr:                      return "setxattr";
      case cmd_getxattr:                      return "getxattr";

      case cmd_first:                         return "first command in list. should be unused. if you see this line in the output, then we have a problem";
      case cmd_last:                          return "last command in list. should be unused. if you see this line in the output, then we have another problem";
      default:                                return "no description yet";

#ifdef RFS_DEBUG
void dump_command(const struct command *cmd)
      DEBUG("command: %s (%d), data length: %u\n", describe_command(cmd->command), cmd->command, cmd->data_len);

void dump_answer(const struct answer *ans)
      DEBUG("answer: %s (%d), data length: %u, ret: %d, errno: %s (%d)\n", describe_command(ans->command), ans->command, ans->data_len, ans->ret, strerror(ans->ret_errno), ans->ret_errno);

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